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He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou find refuge: His truth is a shield and buckler
Psalms 91:4

Be it ours,when we cannot see the face of God, to trust under the shadow of His wings. C.H. Spugeon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Civic Reactor

There is a big difference between reacting and responding.
When we react to a situation or crisis we are predominantly moved by emotion.
When we respond to a situation or crisis we are utilizing our thought processes.
It is comparable to the discussion of the difference between being happy and content.
One is emotionally based while the other relies on an attitude.

Reactions for the most part can be countered by a response, once the intuitive and immediate impulsive emotion has passed, the time for a moment of reflection and thought can more accurately define a response and in that response an attitude towards a situation or crisis can be developed and maintained.

We are conditioned to react, fight or flight are important as defense mechanisms to insure our survival. However blindly running from a perceived or real danger will not insure our safety in the long term. At a point everyone must take a breath and reevaluate the situation and draw a more thorough and detailed plan of action. Always looking over your shoulder will guarantee your running into a tree as will running headlong for extended periods will result in running into yet another predicament.

I will admit it is difficult to move from a reactionary to a responsive attitude. It is by far easier to remain in a reactive mode and let emotions decide the outcome. However for the most part those emotions will deride the decisions and result in a consistent spiral of emotion determining reaction with the consequences being detrimental to health and well-being. People will move in circles.

We are governed by our emotions, I believe it is a developed conditional reaction of our time as a result of media developing an environment of emotional reactions to visual and aural input. We are constantly being bombarded by a messages and those messages are targeting our emotions.

Just look at the debt load of our consumer nation.

Guilty as charged.

In an ironic twist there are people protesting corporate greed who have no doubt reacted emotionally to those very corporates by purchasing the products they sell, believing that the happiness they seek will be found in the items they buy. Maybe it is more of an hypocrisy protesting greed when it was greed that created the reason for protest. In our culture it is impossible to escape the functions of our emotions without a predetermined resolve to first curb our reactive tendencies and secondly to respond having carefully weighed options, wants, needs and resources.

It is because we live in a nation without want that these issues are even relevant. But I digress.

We cannot let emotions rule our lives. Faith is not an emotion, and I believe the argument can be made that a Biblical view of love would be that it is not an emotional state-of-being either. Although the love and the actions of God are motivated by the emotion of love, the subsequent response of that love is based on an attitude.

God's love is a very thoughtful and determined response to the actions of man.

Without emotion love becomes an opportunity to invest one's self, to give of one's self, it is an act of faith, determined as a response to the love of God. To merely invest emotionally of our love we leave behind a shortfall, love is not just reactionary, it is relational. Love never abandons.

As I look at the civic unrest and the emotional reaction to corporate greed I see in the actions a people who have been abandoned by the love they thought they would find in being happy as consumers. The corporates are representative of a wayward lover and people are now faced with the consequences of their reactions, predominantly rich corporates and their own debt. To have spent your life working for the things that media has pushed, to have spent your life being a consumer of corporate persuasions and then to find yourself tossed aside because a decision was made to insure profitability rather than a relationship is the way of our corporate world.

What I see here is an abandonment issue, both the corporate world and the consumer, each has abandoned themselves to their own agenda. There is no relationship in a monetary transaction.

God never abandons. God is love. God made a transaction with man in flesh and blood, it is relational, and it requires investment. However the purchase price was paid in full in advance. You are not guaranteed happiness, but contentedness will be a part of life. You may never get what you want, but you will always have what you need. It is a frugal economy resplendent in its richness. 

These words will be meaningless until a step of faith is taken on a path unknown but on a way divinely guided. 
It is not a reaction, it is  a response.

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