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He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou find refuge: His truth is a shield and buckler
Psalms 91:4

Be it ours,when we cannot see the face of God, to trust under the shadow of His wings. C.H. Spugeon

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watch Against Sin


"Sin is a prison, has its bolts and chains,
Brings into bondage who it entertains;
Hangs shackles on them, bends them to its will,
Holds them, as Samson grinded at the mill,
'Twill blind them, make them deaf;yes twill them gag,
And ride them as the devil rides his hag.
Wherfore look to it, keep it out the door'
If once its slave, thou may be free no more.


No match has sin save God in all the world,
Men, angels it has from their stations hurled:
Holds them in chains, as captives, in despite
Of all that here below is called Might.
Release, help, freedom from it none can give,
But He who by whom we also breathe and live.
Watch therefore, keep this giant out of door
Lest if once in, thou get him out no more.


Now let the God that is above,
That has for sinners so much love;
These lines so help thee to improve,
That towards Him thy heart may move.
Keep thee from enemies external,
Help thee to fight with those internal:
Deliver thee from them infernal,
And bring thee safe to life eternal.


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