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He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou find refuge: His truth is a shield and buckler
Psalms 91:4

Be it ours,when we cannot see the face of God, to trust under the shadow of His wings. C.H. Spugeon

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Truth & Error

In a documentary I watched many years ago, the narrator said, "The Old Testament is the history of God revealing Himself to the people of Israel." Truth really is about the revelation of the character of God. Truth is a representation of things as they are. My previous blog was less than , well it was less than...

A friend brought clarity to some of my thoughts when he spoke in Sunday school and commented on the dialogue he was having with his brother about the relevance of Christians to our culture. Some of the discussion revolves around the idea of how comfortable Christians are with their life. We sit and worship in our cathedrals and churches, in fellowship with others who are comfortable. Part of his dialogue involves the passage from Scripture in Matthew 25, where Jesus speaks of going out and feeding and providing drink for those in our community who do not have food or drink. What does that look like, is it just physical or is it also spiritual?

Relevance is one of the cruxes of the church of today. I think that is why we see so many leaving the church, or see those who do not not see a need or necessity for including church in their personal search of spirituality. The excuses are different but all the same, 'we don't need church to achieve or maintain a relationship with God', 'we've been burned by people in the church and we don't want to be hurt again'. I've heard claims that their spiritual life is better, their relationship with God is better, Church gets in the way of their worship. Easy to say when you have nothing to gauge against, after all I'm the strongest man in the world as long as I don't go outside my home to compete.

Another feature of truth and honesty is modeled in the book Blue like Jazz, where the story is told of a 'confession booth ' put up during a university's spirit week, where the predominant aspect was partying and such. The 'confession booth' was not for people to come and express their thoughts on how many things they had done wrong, to seek contrition or absolve themselves from sin or error in behaviour, the 'confession booth' was there for the Christians on the campus to apologize for the atrocities and wrongdoings of the Church in the name of Christianity. The 'confession booth' was there so that the Christians could publicly and privately acknowledge that they had failed to accurately portray the Christian life and had used the cause of the Cross as a battering ram and bludgeon in error. I love the reality of that!

I have come to a stage in my life where I am relating to the character of Samson. I know that this is a popular theme in the church today among men's groups and discussions within men's ministries. I hate following public opinion and current trends, after all a man not living on the edge is taking up too much space. I can't remove myself from the consistency of the thoughts and truth revealed in my life that follow with the story of Samson. It is in this that I find honesty in my life.
To believe that I am better than those around me is an absurdity, and an insult to any and all who are journeying through life. There are many around me who have suffered under intense trials and injustices, some have been afflicted by circumstance and life-choices, some have resulted as occurrences ordained by God (at least from my point-of-view). I find it offensive to my conscience to stand in judgement of their situation when I as a Christian struggle and fret about the very same things. I work for the gain, I play for the enjoyment, I suffer unwillingly in adversity, I worry, I deal with stress, sometimes wrongly, I don't always respect and honour fellow travelers, and I have numerous faults and flaws some revealed others hidden within the facade of Christianity. The cross was never meant as a place to hide behind, it is a place to die publicly.

I apologize for the distracted thoughts in these last couple of blogs, there is a thought that is forming and as I try to lay it out it in a consistent and concise format, I find myself struggling.

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